We have seen a seemingly endless streak of wireless high-definition TV in CES, so here is a another one! LG is the biggest hype performance and LG 55LHX LED-backlit LCD TV, which includes the backlight between 1000-1500 compared to the standard 300 to 400 people. The HD picture quality on this page is a good top, in our opinion. LG's 55LHX Some TrueMotion 240Hz refresh rate, which is better than entry-level and middle-level high-definition television rate of 60 Hz and 120Hz. Z1 such as Panasonic Viera and Sony Bravia XBR9 the LG 55LHX with a separate audio-visual box can be connected to DVD players, Playstation, and the scope of set-top boxes, and can accommodate up to 30 feet. We really into the LG Electronics 55LHX, because it can reduce power consumption by 73%, because of its brightness backlight. In addition to some impressive specifications, the LG 55LHX is the thinnest LED backlight TV in its class, with an area less than 1 inch. So far, LG Electronics 55LHX LED-backlit TV looks like a winner of the wireless


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