Panasonic Viera Z1 Series Plasma

A poor measure of the thickness of 1-inch Panasonic Viera plasma TV into a Z1 series of many heads of state in the CES. But not all of the residues on the US-thin, for Panasonic Viera Z1 series has a pretty small list of features, will cater to fashion and art. We are talking about wireless HD, like the Sony Bravia XBR9 series of LCD high-definition television. Panasonic Viera Z1 series comes with a separate audio and video, the management of all inputs such as DVD players and Taiwan Wii. But for a small tool, you say? Sony will be pigs, wild parts. Well, Z1 series will have a wedge cast iron parts and the Amazon video on demand, in addition to 24fps of video content, the real Hollywood experience. One of the highlights of Z1 is its image quality for us, everyone under the International Consumer Electronics Show in bright light the darkness. This is partly due to light-emitting diode backlighting plasma technology, we hope that the right to leave the hall. Panasonic chose the bronze gray, but it works for us, providing an elegant introduction. In Z1, what is the structure is too small to attract the majority, but please be assured that there are a lot of high-definition television than meets the eye.


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